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Tracy Aslam joins us to manage strategic partnerships 

26 June, 2018

Tracy Aslam has recently joined National Gift Card Europe to manage and develop key strategic partnerships.  Tracy is highly experienced within the retail and pre-paid markets with a strong background in business planning, retail, ecommerce, strategic planning and business development.  We are delighted to welcome Tracy to the team, find out a bit more about her below...

You have a great deal of experience working in incentives, benefits and rewards; what do you enjoy most about the industry?

I enjoy the diversity and the constant challenge to innovate and generate new ideas. I love getting to grips with other people's businesses in order to identify the best way to meet their objectives and deliver the right type of programme and rewards.

What are some of the key trends you are seeing in our industry?

In line with the financial pressures we are all facing from the impact of inflation and lack of wage growth, there is a need to help employees stretch their salary wherever possible and employers are embracing this. There is also the need to reduce costs and the demand for digital solutions is rapidly increasing as we would expect.

What attracted you to National Gift Card Europe?

The strategic vision, which is both exciting and challenging, as well as the company values and team spirit. I wanted to be part of a business that is customer-centric and has the desire to innovate.

Finally, can you tell us what your guilty pleasure is?!

Finding a quiet place to read a good old fashioned book - no electronic devices for me - it has to be the real thing!


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