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Tips for measuring and improving performance in your company

28 April, 2016

For any company, in any industry, profit margins are essential. It is crucial that critical success factors are determined in order to measure and put in to place a strategy for continuously improving performance. This blog is effectively a guideline for helping with company development and progress.

Layout your goals: setting out challenging but achievable goals will help to focus employees and give them a sense of achievement when goals are met and completed to a high standard. These may range from improving the market share, generating more traffic to online platforms, to improving customer services. The more specific and measurable the goals, the more easily progress can be tracked.

Decide on a metric measurement method to analyse performance: make a list of factors that are relevant to your company. For example Marketing, Production, Administration, Management, Technology or Research and Development might be a few of the categories you want to measure.

Data collection and organization: put together a process for tracking and reporting all the relevant data for each section you want to measure. Trends found can really help for future business development and if data is recorded on a regular basis it can help identify consumer behaviour and when certain products should be pushed for sale and when they shouldn’t.

Competitive rivalry: by checking out the competition and keeping tabs on what they are up to, it will help you to better utilise your competitive advantage if you aren’t already, to attract more clients and or employees to the business. Carrying out both qualitative and quantitative research on the competition, to gain specific information will help with understanding consumer behaviour and interviews, questionnaires and focus groups are an excellent way to collect this primary data.

SWOT analysis: carrying out a SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats) analysis can be really beneficial to companies in order to identify areas where improvements need to be made and areas where the business is doing well. It is good for finding new areas that may enhance your competitive advantage.

Track employees: having motivated employees is essential for the success of any company. Focusing on the recruitment process of employees and then on retaining them goes hand in hand with employee incentives and rewards to increase satisfaction and performance.

These are hopefully helpful tips regarding how to measure and improve performance in your business. Gift cards go hand in hand with employee engagement and performance and can be ordered directly from us. Visit www.ngcdirect.co.uk to find out more and place your orders.