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08 February, 2016

Teamwork in business is key and ensures that the task at hand is carried out and completed with a united effort. Working as a team defines the co-ordination and cooperation between the members of a partnership that form a business or a joint venture. Uniting together, organisations function like one person but have a number of people there to brainstorm ideas, keep up a good team spirit, maintain an excellent system and share the work load. Strengthening teamwork in an office environment often contributes to greater unity, productivity and employee satisfaction. Teamwork is about working together to achieve shared goals and requires hard work and compromise in order to get the best results.

Here are some key ideas for building teamwork in the office.

1 – Understand your team dynamics so that things that work well can be implemented even more effectively and try to look out for and improve on dysfunctional aspects as these will decrease productivity.

2 – Clarify team building roles as well as individual roles so that there is minimal miscommunication and both work well to produce work of a high standard completed on time.

3 – Have regular team meetings and office social gatherings as this fosters open communication for suggestions and discussion from employees and co-workers. This builds trust as people are encouraged to voice their ideas. Sharing lunch together on a Friday or arranging after work drinks is a good way for the office to socialise and get to know one another better which in turn will help to create a friendly atmosphere when back in the office.

4 – Set time limits for making decisions so that deadlines are met in good time.