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Prepaid Cards & the #1 Prepaid Gift Card Programme in Europe

Why ngcprepaid is an easy choice for prepaid card programmes

National Gift Card Europe (ngcEurope) has collaborated with SWIFT MasterCard® to provide a seamless prepaid gift card programmes experience for people everywhere.

With ngcEurope and ngcprepaid, it’s all about choice. You can choose from ngcprepaid off-the-shelf or ngcprepaid custom. Learn more about the options we offer below.

What are my prepaid gift card programme options?

  1. Physical Card – This is a plastic pre-loaded MasterCard that can be used online or in stores.
  2. Digital Card – This is a digital card that can be spent online anywhere that takes MasterCard.
  3. Digital Choice – This is a code and link sent to the end user. When the end user clicks on the link, they are taken to a web page where they choose between a plastic or a digital card. If they want the digital card, it is immediately displayed to them. However, if they want a physical card, they will be charged a small fee (taken off the top of their reward amount) and then they will be sent a physical MasterCard in the post.

Why should I use ngcprepaid?

It makes everyone happy. The experience is simple and free of headaches. It offers great value and is accepted at over 32,000,000 places worldwide. It’s an easy, one-click journey which can be branded for a specific company or campaign. Need we say more?

Need more information?

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