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Keep your employees motivated

16 December, 2015

Make sure you keep your employees motivated in the work place. Rewards and incentives have been proven to increase work place motivation. Giving a gift card allows the recipient to have some control, as they get to decide how to use and it, what to buy and when, visiting a store or making a purchase online that is right for them. These rewards can also be shared with family or friends and quite often experiences shared and memories made. This then reflects positively on the employer who gave them that gift.

Andrew Johnson, CEO of ngcEurope says: “Gift cards provide an easy and convenient way to reward with the gift of a retail experience. If you’re a company issuing gift cards and vouchers and you’re looking at your B2B strategy, employee rewards is the best place to start. From an HR manager’s perspective, gift cards are a very effective reward mechanic because they have the basic advantage of giving people choice and enabling organisations to leverage brands. The brand – or range of brands – you’re gifting is the real crux of the reward.”

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