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How to retain your employees

29 April, 2016

Recruiting new employees is just the start of creating a strong work force but the crucial thing is then to keep them. A high turnover of staff is expensive regarding both money and time for employers. In order to keep a happy workforce and retain your employees here are some tips:

• Provide small perks such as Christmas parties or lunch once a month.

• Put in place an incentive, motivation and rewards program to make employees feel rewarded, focused and excited about their jobs. This can be done through the use of gift cards from a variety of brands from NGC Europe like River Island, TKMaxx, National Trust and more.

• Offer employees the chance for them to develop their skills and or qualifications by sending them on training courses to increase their education and keep knowledge current and up to date.

• Communicate with your workforce across all departments well to ensure poor performance is minimised and goals are met.

• Make sure all employees understand what is expected of them and what their job role requires otherwise confusion can be a large factor and motivation and morale and dip.

• Offer employees a benefits package to suit their needs. For example providing health insurance, gym membership or flexibility understanding childcare.

• Try where feasible to promote opportunities within the company to offer current employees the opportunity for career progression and increased responsibility and pay.

Motivation, rewards and incentive programmes are offered by us at NGC Europe so if you are looking for a way to kick start improving your employee retention then order gift cards from us today at www.ngcdirect.co.uk