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How businesses are using gift cards to improve performance (more ways than you might think!)

01 August, 2018

One of the most rewarding things about working in the gift card industry is the journey we take customers on to discover the many ways that gift cards and open loop products can be applied within their business, to drive commercial results.

Results that deliver improved business performance via a happier and more engaged workforce, a more motivated sales channel, and a loyal and satisfied customer base.

Here are some of the key ways that gift cards (both plastic and digital) are used by businesses of all sizes to develop positive relationships…

1. Rewards and incentives

Gift cards or prepaid MasterCard for customer acquisition, or to reward or incentivise staff, customers and channel partners.

2. Consumer loyalty

Convert customer loyalty points into currency for their favourite brands.

3. Membership

Offer members added value and great offers by incorporating gift cards into a membership scheme.

4. Recognition

Recognise and reward high performance, commitment and long service with aspirational and relevant brands.

5. Market research

Collect valuable data and insights with the offer of a gift card.

6. Insurance replacement

Use gift cards or open loop prepaid MasterCard as a cost effective way to make cash pay outs such as insurance settlements.

7. Promotional marketing/cashback promotions

Virtual MasterCard offers recipients a reward value to spend how they choose – a flexible reward that is more efficient and more powerful than cash.

8. Employee discounts

Keep teams engaged by offering discounted gift cards from a huge range of brands.

9. Customer gifting

Surprise and delight consumers and drive behaviours by offering a gift card.

10. Channel incentives

Gift cards provide incentives to motivate channel partners.

11. Customer acquisition and engagement

Attract new customers and then keep them engaged with the offer of a gift card. Or use gift cards to incentivise member get member initiatives.

12. Customer compensation

Turn around difficult situations with customers by offering compensation via a gift card.


National Gift Card Europe offer a wide range of plastic and digital gift card brands (over 80 in the UK, and 450 internationally). We also offer a flexible and effective ‘open loop’ prepaid MasterCard solution to give the ultimate choice of reward.

With a range of fulfilment options such as bulk ordering, direct fulfilment to individuals and API connections, we can work with you to outline the best solutions for your organisation. Please contact us to find out more.