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Helpful tips for packing up your holiday decorations

05 January, 2016

Time now to put away those Christmas decorations. Here are some tips to help you get it done.

• Get motivated. Set aside the day to take down all things Christmassy, put some music on, wear your comfy clothes and have a pot of coffee at the ready. Even something stronger if you need it.

• Make sure you have boxes or storage containers at the ready to keep your decorations safe for the rest of the year. Labelling the outside so you know at a glance next time what is in each one makes life easier so get your favourite marker pen out.

• Detangle the lights. Do not put them away in a mess just because it’s faster now. Remember what a pain it will be next Christmas if you open a box full of tangled decorations.

• Get the whole family to help. The process is far faster then and the time it takes will be halved if everyone chips in. Who knows you might even enjoy yourself.

• Keep outdoor and indoor decorations separate, this will make it less confusing in the future as to what goes where.

• Wrap fragile ornaments back up in their original packaging. Tissue paper, bubble wrap or even newspaper is perfect for this and creates layers of padding between each one when they are boxed up. Put heavy ornaments at the bottom of the box and lighter ones near the top.

Taking down the decorations and wiping away all traces of the festive period is sad but it also represents a fresh start. By putting away your decorations with care, the hassle is taken out of decorating leading you free just to enjoy it. We have taken down our office tree for another year and look forward to what 2016 will bring.