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Harrods Gift Cards

A visit to Harrods is never less than extraordinary and the Harrods Gift Card is the ultimate must have accessory, offering endless choice within the world renowned store.

Be inspired by luxury gifts for every occasion, and use your gift card to stock up on exclusive cosmetics, skincare and from must have beauty brands, plus a covetable selection of clothing, shoes and accessories.

Harrods is a renowned luxury retailer and first opened in 1849. The store occupies a 5-acre site and has over one million square feet of selling space in over 330 departments making it the biggest department store in Europe. Harrods started as a green grocer with a joining tea shop and has grown throughout the decades to what it is today – offering customers a wide variety within every category of their shopping experience.

Known for exceptional standards of customer service and retail theatre, Harrods has become one of the top 5 tourist attractions in London. The brand stands for British, Luxury, Innovation, Sensation and Service. 

National Gift Card is the best place for you to order Harrods gift cards. Please contact us for more information on bulk purchasing and individual fulfilment of gift cards or for assistance with your gift card programme.


Terms & Conditions

Using Harrods Gift Cards

- The Harrods Gift Card is redeemable in full or part payment for goods/ services sold in Harrods Knightsbridge store only.

- Harrods Gift Cards cannot be redeemed via telephone/mail order or on the internet.

- You can only purchase a maximum of 5 cards in any one transaction.

- The balance on this Harrods Gift Card may be used until either the balance is fully depleted or the Harrods Gift Card expires (which ever occurs sooner).

- Harrods Gift Cards will expire after 24 consecutive months of non-Use. ("Use" for the purposes of this terms includes making a balance enquiry.) After this date     you can obtain a replacement card for the remaining value by visiting our Knightsbridge store and returning the old Harrods Gift Card.

- You may check the expiry date of your Harrods Gift Card at Harrods Knightsbridge store or by calling 0870 730 4438.

- A maximum card balance of £10,000 applies to all Harrods Gift Cards.

- For Amex customers must call their bank to notify them before ordering should the delivery address be different from their card billing address.

 -Harrods Gift Cards will be dispatched separately from other items on your order.

How To Check The Balance

- When using the Harrods Gift Card, the balance will be displayed on the bottom of your receipt.

- You may also check the balance of a Harrods Gift Card at Harrods Knightsbridge store or by calling 0870 730 4438.

Harrods Disclaimer

The disclaimer shall be positioned alongside the promotion/competition’s other “terms and conditions”. The following disclaimer shall be included on any promotional material approved by Harrods, in order to clarify that the promotion/incentive is run and managed by the Company and not Harrods: “Harrods Limited (“Harrods”) is unrelated to “NGC Corp Group Europe Limited” and does not endorse or recommend its promotion/competition. This promotion/competition is managed, controlled and administered by “NGC Corp Group Europe Limited” and any correspondence concerning this promotion should be directed to “NGC Corp Group Europe Limited” and not to Harrods.”

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