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Gift Cards, Vouchers & Digital: UK & USA Trendsetters - by Andrew Johnson, CEO

02 October, 2015

This week I had the honour of being the opening speaker at the 6th International Gift Card and Couponing Summit (30th September and 1st October) in Frankfurt am Main, Germany.

My speech gave insights into the trends in the gift card and digital sector in the UK and USA – two of the key territories NGC US, LLC. operate in. It’s always great to meet fellow international colleagues from the industry and hopefully pass on some words of wisdom.

My impression of the German gift card and digital market is extremely positive. There was a real energy in the conference room from a wide range of attendees. Having retailers attend these events is a real endorsement to the organisers and I am pleased to say there were a number of German retailers eager to learn how to develop their gift card programmes. I also met gift card processors, printers and several entrepreneurs who have found niche areas in our industry in which to build great solutions to solve increasing demands from customers.

The German gift card market is certainly open for business, both from a consumer perspective and also B2B. I predict a healthy future ahead for gift cards and digital in Germany and it is certainly a market that international players whether retailers, processors, agents or corporations should have on their radar.

Andrew Johnson