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Gift cards for your business in 4 steps

28 February, 2018

There are so many ways to use gift cards to help businesses achieve different objectives; many more than anyone outside the industry might first think.

Use them as rewards, incentives, long service and membership benefits, market research, employee discounts, promotions and cash payouts.  Whatever the objective, using a specialist gift card fulfilment partner (oh yes, that's us!) provides access to a huge range of plastic and digital gift card brands to help deliver business goals.

From big name high street and online retailers, restaurants and leisure brands to something a bit more unique and quirky such as craft beer club membership or digital codes to redeem for gaming apps, we have 450 international brands to choose from.

Once a goal is defined, and a gift card brand selected, the last thing to decide on is how to receive plastic or digital gift cards.  Order them in bulk using our simple ordering portal, NGC Direct, or receive an individual fulfilment service (code or card delivered to an individual's address or inbox) or API connection (receive digital codes in real time, 24/7).

If this sounds like something you would like to learn more about, please contact the team and we'd be more than happy to help!