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We have regional sites for our Canadian and American customers.

Gift Card Rewards Programme

ngcrewards is a custom rewards website for your staff, customers or members to redeem gift cards for the reward codes you have given them

ngcrewards is a simple, cost-effective solution for businesses that don’t want to invest in a fully-blown loyalty programme for their staff, customers or members.

How does it work?

Recipients receive a  plastic 'rewards' card which holds the rewards codes they have earned. They then log into the ngcrewards website where they have the freedom to redeem their rewards codes for the gift cards which are represented on the site. You are freed from the job of purchasing, storing and distributing the rewards.

What are your options?

Rewards cards options - There are options to personalise the ngcrewards reward cards with your company logo, images and message.

ngcrewards website options - There are three flavours of the ngcrewards website: standard, branded or custom. For all three it’s up to you which brands’ gift cards you feature on your ngcrewards website.

Gift card options - You choose the gift cards and eGift cards you want to feature on the website.

Why use ngcrewards?

Plenty of choice for you, your staff and your customers - ngcrewards allows you to select from a broad selection of gift cards and eGift cards from major brands to feature on your ngcrewards website so you can be sure there will be the right brand for your employees or customers. 

Ease of Use - Step one: You purchase reward codes from NGC and distribute them to your recipients via email or custom 'rewards' cards. Step two: Your recipients log onto the ngcrewards website and enter their reward code to select their gift card. Step three: We send the gift cards directly to your recipients via first class post (or email if they chose digital). That’s it!

For further information contact our Team here or phone +44 (0) 1344 987678.