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Employee Health and Wellbeing

18 April, 2016

A healthier and happier workforce will be ‘more productive and committed to their work’ according to the team at ‘Fit for Work’ and workplace wellness programmes are an excellent way for organisations to benefit from enhanced performance and reduced sick days (www.fitforwork.org).

The great news for companies is that there are many different ways to develop an office wellness programme. Office members could introduce simple steps to making their daily lives healthier by implementing measures such as:

• Start the day with a big but healthy breakfast so no snacks are needed until lunch.

• Walk to work, cycle, park further away or get off the bus or tube a stop earlier and walk.

• Take the stairs instead of the lift.

• Do regular small desk stretches and exercises especially with ankles and lower legs (these are hidden under the desk anyway so no need for embarrassment here).

• Take short breaks throughout the day and try to get some fresh air.

• Drink plenty of water and stay hydrated.

• Walk over to a colleague for a conversation instead of sending an email to improve daily step count.

• Replace biscuits and chocolate with fruit.

• When on the phone stand or walk around if possible.

• Have standing meetings.

If companies are keen to introduce a more intensive wellness programme to the office then all of the above can still apply, with the addition of the measures below:

• Provide employees with a stepometer or a fit bit so they can monitor daily steps.

• Lunch time keep fit classes – Zumba, yoga, circuit training.

• Gym memberships for employees.

• Sport related charity fundraisers.

These are just some ideas for ways to increase productivity and employee motivation. Gift cards from National Gift Card Europe can play a part in this too with Spafinder Wellness 365 gift and e-gift cards offering relaxing days with great food, treatments, yoga and more. Brands like Zalando, TKMaxx, Primark and River Island can be the perfect place to pick up gym and sportswear and Sainsbury’s gift cards could encourage employees to purchase healthier food options. Combining employee recognition and rewards with healthy motivational measures could help to rejuvenate the office and give you a far happier and more productive workforce. Log on to www.ngcdirect.co.uk today to place your order!