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Welcome Dan - our new Head of Business Development

15 May, 2018

We are delighted to announce that Dan Nugent has joined National Gift Card Europe as Head of Business Development. He brings with him 17 years of experience and his knowledge of delivering performance improvement and reward solutions will be a great asset to our team and to our clients. Find out a bit more about Dan below…

1. You have a great deal of experience working in incentives, benefits and rewards; what do you enjoy most about the industry?

It’s great to work in such a positive industry that’s all about rewarding individuals, motivating them and improving performance. More and more focus has been given over the years to engaging with customers and employees and providing relevant and meaningful rewards, I really enjoy working with clients to help them achieve these goals and drive their businesses forward.

2. What are some of the key trends you are seeing in our industry?

Over the years I have seen may trends emerge, one of the most encouraging things is seeing how employee rewards and customer engagement programmes are no longer just something for the large corporates. Companies of all sizes now realise the importance of connecting with the key groups that make their businesses work and there is a growing range of programmes and techniques which can be used to address this, to suit all requirements.

As ever, technology is leading many of the trends today. Whether this is through the digital distribution of ecodes or intuitive interfaces and ordering portals, technology is playing a key role here.

Trends will come and go and approaches will evolve over time. One thing that hasn’t gone away throughout the years however is the customers’ requirement and demand for quality of service. I recognise that the fulfilment of the reward is the final stage in what is often an elaborate and well planned out engagement strategy. It is imperative that this part of the process is preformed to the highest level of quality and accuracy, if this part is not done correctly it will tarnish the whole of the programme.

3. What attracted you to National Gift Card Europe?

I have known Andrew Johnson for a number of years and have a great level of respect and admiration for him and what he has done for the industry. It was great to have the opportunity to join National Gift Card Europe to work with Andrew and the wonderful team he has created here. National Gift Card Europe is built on a number of solid values and principles, these really aligned to my outlook and approach in business and were evident in every member of the team that I met. It gave me a great sense of positivity about the organisation and a confidence that we build on existing success and achieve great things here.

4. Finally, can you tell us what your guilty pleasure is?!

I don’t know if I’d call it a guilty pleasure but I’m an avid runner and I do try to get out running most days, sometimes twice a day if possible. Some people would say I’m obsessed, I prefer to see it as being dedicated! I’ve run various half marathons, marathons and even did a 40 mile ultra-marathon recently where I came 2nd, that hurt a bit!

I find it a great opportunity to clear the mind and destress. It’s also a great time to think through the projects that I’m working on and get clarity on challenging problems. I find that the challenges of running are a lot like the challenges of business where with commitment, resilience and motivation you can achieve great things.


To find out more about our gift card brands, the services we offer to corporate customers and retailers/agencies then get in touch with Dan at dann@ngc-group.co.uk.