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Corporate Services & Business Services

At National Gift Card Corp., our focus is to provide digital eGift cards and plastic gift cards for all sizes and types of organisations in the USA, Canada or Europe.

NGC offers a range of products and services to solve your gift card requirements.

For all kinds of organisations from start-ups to multi-national corporations and not-for-profit organisations

Products and services

  1. Bulk fulfilment of gift cards (ngcdirect)
  2. Individual fulfilment of gift cards to individual addresses (ngcif )
  3. Digital services and gift cards (ngcdigital)
  4. Prepaid cards (ngcprepaid)
  5. Gift card 'Rewards' website for your company (ngcrewards)

Bulk Fulfilment of Gift Cards

When it comes to a one-stop shop for bulk ordering and fulfilment of plastic and digital gift cards, we went above and beyond to simplify the purchasing process when we designed ngcdirect, the proprietary online, bulk ordering system from National Gift Card Corp.

ngcdirect a secure, one-stop shop for bulk purchasing of gift cards and eGift cards (delivery to one address)

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Individual Fulfilment of Gift Cards

For quick individual delivery to the gift card recipients named by you.

ngcif – either plastic gift cards or eGift cards purchased in bulk and delivered to individual addresses

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Digital Services

ngcdigital Digital Services

An agnostic digital platform for selling eCodes and eGift Cards.

ngcapi Gift Card API

Easily let recipients choose their on-the-spot rewards or create a mobile-friendly, paperless rewards programme. Our secure Gift Card API delivers unlimited eGift cards in real time.

ngcmobile solutions

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Prepaid Cards

In conjunction with SWIFT MasterCard®


Choose from ngcprepaid off-the-shelf or ngcprepaid Custom.

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Gift Card Rewards Programme

A gift card rewards website for your company with a range of gift cards chosen by you for your programme.

ngcrewards Gift Card Rewards Programme – a custom rewards website for your company with a range of gift cards chosen by you for your programme.

Choose from ngcrewards Standard, Branded or Custom websites. This is a cost-effective alternative to a full loyalty programme.

The recipient of your gift card reward can log onto the custom rewards website and choose from a range of gift cards.

A custom ngcrewards website is a fully custom site with your company programme name, logo and theme. A unique URL and hosting package is available.

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