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Gift cards for your business in 4 steps

28 February, 2018

There are so many ways to use gift cards to help businesses achieve different objectives; many more than anyone outside the industry might first think.

Use them as rewards, incentives, long service and membership benefits, market research, employee discounts, promotions and cash payouts.  Whatever the objective, using a specialist gift card fulfilment partner (oh yes, that's us!) provides access to a huge range of plastic and digital gift card brands to help deliver business goals.

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Give them rewards they really want!

21 February, 2018

We all know how hard it can be to attract a new customer, so keeping our existing ones loyal is vital and there is a plethora of statistics and insights on the subject.…..

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8 great ways to use gift cards in your business

14 February, 2018

There is much more to gift cards than you might think, here are eight great ways to use gift cards in your business..... 

1. Rewards and incentives - use gift cards for customer acquisition, or to reward or incentivise staff, customers and channel partners.

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Festive business hours

30 November, 2017

We will continue to process orders until the close of business on Friday 22nd December.  However, to receive bulk order deliveries before Christmas, please place your orders for plastic cards by Thursday 14th December, and digital codes by Friday 15th December.

Our opening hours over the festive season are:

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Plastic continues to dominate UK gift card market

21 November, 2017

At the start of November 2017, our CEO and some of the team attended a UKGCVA meeting and some interesting insights were revealed from the first half year industry figures. One of the standout pieces of data was that digital was just about to exceed paper for the first time. The results revealed that paper gift vouchers make up 8% of the UK market with digital slightly above this, so by our maths that still leaves over 80% of the UK market to plastic gift cards.

At National Gift Card Europe, we are excited about the future of digital, and have an extremely robust ecode management system with API connections and a virtual warehouse to be able to manage digital programs effectively. 

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