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Tips for measuring and improving performance in your company

28 April, 2016

For any company, in any industry, profit margins are essential. It is crucial that critical success factors are determined in order to measure and put in to place a strategy for continuously improving performance. This blog is effectively a guideline for helping with company development and progress.

Layout your goals: setting out challenging but achievable goals will help to focus employees and give them a sense of achievement when goals are met and completed to a high standard. These may range from improving the market share, generating more traffic to online platforms, to improving customer services. The more specific and measurable the goals, the more easily progress can be tracked.

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IKEA gift cards added to our portfolio

25 April, 2016

IKEA gift cards have been added to the portfolio of gift card brands available at NGC Europe! Visit our website www.ngc-group.co.uk/ikea for more information or go to www.ngcdirect.co.uk to place your order.

IKEA offers home furnishing solutions for every room in the home and with over 9500 products for you to choose from, the IKEA Gift Card is easy to give, and very easy to use. Gift Cards can be redeemed in all 18 IKEA stores in the UK. They can also be redeemed online at www.ikea.com/gb/en/ UK Stores - Belfast, Birmingham, Bristol, Coventry, Edinburgh, Gateshead, Glasgow, Leeds, Manchester, Milton Keynes, Nottingham, Southampton, Cardiff, Warrington. Greater London Stores - Croydon, Edmonton, Lakeside (Thurrock), Wembley.

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The Queen's 90th Birthday

21 April, 2016

Today at NGC Europe we have put up patriotic bunting and all came to work wearing red, white and blue to mark the celebrations for the Queens 90th birthday. What are you doing to celebrate?

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Employee Health and Wellbeing

18 April, 2016

A healthier and happier workforce will be ‘more productive and committed to their work’ according to the team at ‘Fit for Work’ and workplace wellness programmes are an excellent way for organisations to benefit from enhanced performance and reduced sick days (www.fitforwork.org).

The great news for companies is that there are many different ways to develop an office wellness programme. Office members could introduce simple steps to making their daily lives healthier by implementing measures such as:

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How new technology is transforming office dynamics

11 April, 2016

Office communications have changed dramatically over the last few decades with the introduction of new technologies dominating the work place. The once constant face to face office chats and meetings have been replaced in some cases with Instant Messenger (IM), WhatsApp, Skype and conference calls. These platforms definitely make office life far easier and quicker than ever before with the ability to send snippets of information at the click of a button to employees throughout the company, or have cross continental conversations day to day. Technology has definitely opened up new possibilities like never before and has made the world a much smaller place to be in terms of communications.

The other side to these technological advances however, is that less face to face contact between employees can result in a lack of creativity as the opportunity to bounce ideas off team members and brainstorm is more limited. More effort therefore has to be made between the workforce to schedule creative sessions and it is easy for intentions however good to slip and meetings to be postponed. IM can also be seen as a distraction and used inappropriately.

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