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08 February, 2016

Teamwork in business is key and ensures that the task at hand is carried out and completed with a united effort. Working as a team defines the co-ordination and cooperation between the members of a partnership that form a business or a joint venture. Uniting together, organisations function like one person but have a number of people there to brainstorm ideas, keep up a good team spirit, maintain an excellent system and share the work load. Strengthening teamwork in an office environment often contributes to greater unity, productivity and employee satisfaction. Teamwork is about working together to achieve shared goals and requires hard work and compromise in order to get the best results.

Here are some key ideas for building teamwork in the office.

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Employees who feel valued give more

21 January, 2016

It sounds simple because it is: staff who feel valued give more.

The most effective way to make your employees feel appreciated is by doing little things day to day like saying ‘Good morning’, making the tea or saying thank you. For companies’ large and small, employee motivation is key. Acknowledging the hard work carried out by employees through gift cards, reminds employers of the importance of maintaining staff morale. Rewarding employees with incentives, boosts their commitment and confidence, which is in turn good for business, as staff are more focused and better results are more likely to be achieved.

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Motivate your employees in 2016

07 January, 2016

Are you looking for ways to reward and motivate your employees? At National Gift Card Europe we offer fulfilment, distribution, sales and marketing management solutions for gift cards, gift certificates and digital codes. ngcEurope works with the most popular gift card brands in the retail, restaurant, and prepaid card industries. If you are looking to add exciting gift card rewards to your programme, choose from our wide selection and decide how you want to fulfill the gift cards to your recipients. Our gift cards are available for purchase in bulk quantities with delivery to one address and for individual fulfilment to multiple addresses. Visit our website to view our gift card brands and we can fulfill for your loyalty, rewards, or incentive programmes.

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Two new brands have been added to our portfolio!

05 January, 2016

To start off 2016 we have added two new brands to our portfolio. American Golf and Zalando.

American Golf is Europe’s number 1 golf retailer and exists to improve your game. With over 105 stores in the UK and Republic of Ireland the company is still growing! Aiming to offer unbeatable value and an extensive range there are many exclusive deals and they hope to be the first place you go to for all your golfing equipment needs. The golf equipment on offer provides fantastic value for money, choice from a wide range of major brands online and in store including Nike Golf, TaylorMade and Callaway. Gift cards can be redeemed both in-store and online, making it much easier to buy what you want, how you want.

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Helpful tips for packing up your holiday decorations

05 January, 2016

Time now to put away those Christmas decorations. Here are some tips to help you get it done.

• Get motivated. Set aside the day to take down all things Christmassy, put some music on, wear your comfy clothes and have a pot of coffee at the ready. Even something stronger if you need it.

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