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Ways to use gift cards in insurance

14 May, 2019

Make the right connection to deliver value

Making the right connection with your target market when it comes to acquisition, retention or replacement programmes is vital if you want to deliver true value.

Whether you are looking to engage with millennial, generation X, baby boomer or mature demographics, we will have a brand that will help you do that successfully, as well as the fulfilment service to suit.

We have a range of over 100 brands in the UK, many of which can be used in Europe; and 450 brands internationally. Take a look at our portfolio of brands to find out more.


"Cash is still king when it comes to wooing customers", and the most cost effective way to do that is via gift cards and digital codes.  Selecting the right brand will help you differentiate your business and stick out from the crowd.


16% of insurance customers switch annually, and 80% of them would not do so if they were rewarded!  

Use gift cards and digital codes to turn this figure around because, as we all know, it is much more expensive to acquire a new customer than it is to retain an existing one.   Gift cards for retention can also sit nicely in your ecosystem, providing benefits to customers throughout their relationship with you.  

Last but not least, keep your employees happy, engaged and ultimately loyal with a retention programme powered by gift cards and digital codes. 


Being able to effectively delight your customers at the replacement stage is key in driving loyalty as well as brand advocacy. 

Episodes matter to customers, and little touches throughout their experience at episode level can make a real difference - think a coffee digital code, sent directly to a customer who has just had an accident.

Also, at replacement stage, gift cards and digital codes can provide a cost effective solution with corporate discounts, and a range of brands available to support different types of claims.


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