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10 ways to get into the Christmas Spirit

16 December, 2015

Start your advent calendar

Get stuck in and open door one of your advent calendar to mark the 1st of December. This creates excitement amongst young children as it marks the start of the holiday season and is a real must regarding Christmas traditions.

Get out the decorations

Start off all your Christmas traditions. Light the fire, take the Christmas boxes out of the loft, write your Christmas cards and crack open the mice pies.

Find the perfect tree

Bundle in to the car with family and friends and head out to search for your Christmas tree. Visiting a local garden centre, farm or woodland, wherever it may be, it is hard not to enter in to the spirit of Christmas.

Have a night in with hot chocolate and tree decorating

Decorate your tree all together whilst enjoying a cup of hot coco and a few shortbreads. Its ok the diet can be postponed now until the New Year!

Be creative

Get the kids involved and make some handcrafted gifts and cards for friends and family.

Give something back

Some people are not lucky enough to be surrounded by their loved ones this Christmas and the holiday season can be tough. Lots of people miss out on holiday gifts and Christmas dinner. Try and do something in your local community to help those less fortunate than you. Maybe put together a Christmas hamper or donate some warm winter clothes to your local charity shop. Christmas is a time for giving so make sure you get involved in any way you can.

Listen to Christmas music

Turn up the volume and tune in to Christmas radio stations and let the Christmas spirit fill your house with music. Maybe download some of your favourite tunes and have a singalong. Take it one step further and gather people together for some carol singing.

Enjoy a film night

Enjoy some popcorn and snuggle up with loved ones on the sofa for some old Christmas classics. With so many to choose from for all ages, there really is something for everyone.

Get baking

Open those cake making books and get baking with the kids. Although usually a messy business when children are involved, it is a good laugh for the whole family and will give you some tasty treats to give to your guests.

Visit Father Christmas

Nothing gets the kids more excited than a trip to see Santa. Let your children sit on Santa’s knee and tell him they’ve been good this Christmas. A photo will make the perfect memory of the trip.